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Hannah//20//Holt, MI --> Crafton, PA on 9/10.
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Heading up north to visit my auntie Colleen and bring mama home!

I may have lost a lip ring, got vodka spilled on me, and it may be 4am…but I’m still going!!!

This is my “just got laid, idgaf” look haha, 2 am ramen and king size cuddles with my boyfrannnnnnn

Wtf cat.

Such a mooch

Monday thru Sunday schedule for school, whew!

Pretty sure I just bombed my Accounting test

I got that pretty girl rock

3 percent of the decision-making in media comes from women. That means 97 percent of how women are portrayed is decided on by men.

Independent Lens, PBS
“Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines” (via ihopeyoucontinue4ever)

It also means that 97 percent of how men are portrayed in media are decided on by men. Something to remind MRAs and their ilk of when they complain about the stereotype of men as inept slobs, bad fathers, etc in media and advertising.

Men have the power. So when we men are shat on by the powers that be you don’t get to try and blame women for that.

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